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Our vision is to be a vibrant, praying church, in which people of all ages are coming to faith in Jesus Christ, growing in Him and reaching out in His love to our community and beyond.

Sunday Service 24th January 2021 at 11.00am

A decision has been made to close West Church Ballymena - the building ­ at this time of lockdown. However, we will be continuing with our Live Streaming Services at 11.00am every Sunday. Click on the Link below and it will take you directly through to the Live Stream. The Church will be closed from now until Saturday the 6th February 2021, by which time we will have posted information here on the website and on Facebook, regarding the Service plan for Sunday 7th February 2021. Thank you for your patience in these matters.

Now Streaming Live on You Tube every Sunday Morning!

May I encourage you to continue to gather around your computer, tablet, phone, etc on Sunday mornings at 11.00am and we will do virtual Church together (in order to do this people must "like" the West Church Ballymena facebook page on their own facebook account). A link for this (which is the same for every Sunday) has been posted on the West Church Facebook Page and here below on the website. Live Service Link

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus. I trust that you are coping with these unprecedented and challenging times.

Some of you have faced personal difficulties and sadly some are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, Our prayers are with you.

This is something many of you have been looking forward to once again, whilst others may be more cautious about meeting together which is perfectly understandable.

The important thing is that we come together again in the Church building "Slowly and Safely." Easing out of lockdown is a very fluid situation so our plans are under constant review.

In the meantime, we do plan to provide worship/praise music at our services. We are also uploading the services each week, live streaming on YouTube so that everyone can participate as "Together we are West." - at the same time. Just click on the Live Link above to take you directly to You Tube.

"Together we are West."

It is so counterintuitive that to be compassionate during these unprecedented times in the fight against coronavirus we have to STOP doing the one thing we really love to do and that is being together.

So all other Church and Group activities are still suspended for now. But please click on our NEWS PAGE to see some of the ways we are going to stay connected:

Good morning, good evening to you all wherever you are and whenever you are reading this. I hope and pray that this finds you and your family well.

Before I write I would really like to remind you of our 'HELP4YOU' Ministry @West.

In light of the recent updated Covid 19 announcements, many of us, and many people we know will need practical help in the uncertain days that are now here, and yet to come.

So please know that help is available @ West for all.

•tell your family

•tell your friends

•tell your neighbours

We will be available to help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, going to the post office/bank and any other practical help that is needed.

So please:

1. Call me on 07799100444, or 028 2558 1323 if someone needs assistance and I will do my best to co-ordinate this help.

2. But of course I cannot do this without you ­ so if you are fit and well please volunteer ­. Please ring me and I will add you to my list. I am appealing to the younger members of church, perhaps students home from university­ you are all needed for this important ministry.

1Cor 10:24 ­ "Let no one seek his own good but the good of his neighbours."

The renewed outbreak of Covid 19 virus and the new strain of the evolving virus, has changed many things in our lives ­ home schooling, self-isolation, GP appointments triaged by phone and even some of our favourite Television programmes have been suspended. Hopefully this will change shortly once the new vaccine has been distributed safetly to everyone. We look forward to that time when we will feel safer to some degree going forward.

Donations Information

It is very important that donations to church funds continue during this unprecedented crisis. Many members have taken a decision to donate using a Standing Order and details are given below. Suggestions are also made for those who wish to donate by cash or cheque i.e. by envelope.

Envelope Donations

For the forseeable future there can be no envelope collections. When regulations allow, and before church services resume, we will set up a system of collection points or by a number of volunteers collecting donations from members' homes. Details wil be made clear when the time comes.

Here are some suggestions:

1. If you normally put cash in your envelope, please set aside the amount that you would normally give, weekly or monthly, in some safe place and then, when the situation allows, pass the accumulated donations onto the church.

2. If you normally put in a cheque in an envelope, I would not advise that you store a number of cheques but, you might think of putting away a number of "I.O.U's" for West Church and then when possible, put one cheque for the total in the envelope. Some people might want to post a donation to the Treasurer, Maurice Livingstone, 38 Tullymore Park, Ballymena, BT42 2AU. Please only use this method as a last resort, particularly due to the cosst of the postage.

Standing Orders

Donations to West Church by Standing Order can be made in two ways:

1. You can set up an Online Standing order using Internet Banking.

2. You can complete a Standing Order form and post it to Maurice Livingstone, 38 Tullymore Park, Ballymena. BT42 2AU

Forms can be downloaded from the Church Website on the Resources Page or obtained from Church by post, or e-mailed-request by telephoning 028 2564 8327

For all methods you will need to use the following information:

For a donation to Free Will Offering, bank sort code 95-02-31 a/c number 62740664 Reference:FWO*** where *** is your Free Will Offering Number

For a donation to United Appeal and Missions, bank sort code 95-02-31 a/c number 62740664 Reference: UA***where *** is your Free Will Offering Number

For a donation to Reserve/Hall Fund, bank sort code 95-02-31 a/c number 62740680 Reference: RES***where *** is your Free Will Offering Number

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